This site is in its early stage and as you can see, what is available in the list is small but will grow as the site develops.

The sheets that are available are printed on A4 sheets and depending on what scale you order there will be eight in the 4mm range and four in the 7mm range with registration marks as a guide to cutting the induvidual sheets away from their backing paper. Other scales will be catered for if there is an interest for them. Because the sheets are printed on very thin slightly waxed paper you only need to apply enough pressure to cut the sheet itself after which it may be pulled away from its backing paper. The sheets can be left as they are or scrumpled up and flattend out to give a more used look to them as can be seen from the images linked to the list on the price list page.

Each company will have 64 different numbered sheets and if more than this number are required for a layout then the extra numbers can be produced at no extra cost. On some sheets there are manufacture and returne dates. The returne dates indicate when they need to be returned to the manufacturing depot for inspection. These dates can be tailord to the date of the layout they will be running on at an extra cost of £1 per sheet.

The font on the sheets are prototypical to the company and as some companies used the same font as others some had their own which are replicated on the sheets.

Please let me have any comments or feed back as this will help in developing the site.

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